Privacy policy statement


Privacy policy statement

This privacy policy statement expounds the way managing of the customers’s privacy information refer to all personal data collected and/or use for and/or safeguard and/or disclosure aspects. pays highly attention and cherish the customers’s privacy as mush as possible. Because the credit that our customers gave us is our most valuable assets. we’ll do our best to safeguard the customers’s personal data and using this kind of informations under our customers’s permission. We’ll strictly adhere to the standard of the safety and the confidentiality ordinance to safeguard any mutual data between our customers and our company.


We not only take the responsibility to protect our customers’s privacy but also fully comply with the rule under the Hong Kong SAR Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance - Cap.486 (the “Ordinance”).



Personal data collected can collect the customers’s personal data in various ways, including online form for purchasing products and service purposes, and in the circumstances of the customers’s voluntarily provided personal data as well. We minimized the collecting and using of the customers’s personal data in order to provide quality services, including provide consultation of our products, services, management and other businesses.




Personal data used

We allow designated staff to contact with the customers informations under authorized. collects the customers’s personal data via our online web site, get reach of the customers and recommend our subsidiaries and/or affiliates and/or associated companies of high credit in order to provide the quality products and services for our customers, or anyway let our customers enjoying the quality services we provided.



Personal data disclosed

Unless under the authorized of our customers or in accordance with the rule,chineseredpacket.comnever ever disclose the customers information to anybody or other companies. and our company’s security system will keep consistent security standard with the line we are in to protect our customers’s personal data from disclosing. but we can’t be able to assured that 100% safety when we submitted and/or stored and/or transmitted of information.


Customers are entitled to inquire about their personal data what they’d submitted to us, in order to assured that the accuracy and the time-effectiveness of the information. In addition, customers can get hold of us to call for erasing all their personal data anytime.


All enquiries regarding our company’s personal data (Privacy) ordinance, you should be email to Customers are have the right to refuse the information e-mails sent from us and/or our subsidiaries and/or affiliates and/or associated companies, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: