Historical Knowledge

Red packets

Red packets are often given out as presents in Chinese festivals or in the occasions of birthdays and weddings as a tradition. Money is put inside the red pockets and the amount is usually relevant to...

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Money Given to Children as a Spring Festival Gift (壓歲錢)

In Qing Dynasty, the elderly often wrapped money with a piece of red paper and gave it to children as a Spring Festival gift. Not until the time of Republic of China, people loved to wrap 100dollar co...

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The latest ranking of Chinese surnames

According to the sixth national census of the total population of 1.37 billion (1370536875) people.

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In Vietnam, people give out similar presents and they are called ‘Lai See’.

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Chinese Family Surnames in Roman Phonetic

The following table is the form of Roman characters to spell the Chinese characters in the form of family names, due to the different ways of pronunciation, as well as spelling system is not the same,...

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Origin of 《百家姓》

Everybody has a name. Names and surnames are symbolic representations and they are means of information transfer. In China, names and surnames have undergone a long period of transformation to develop...

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